12957170_10103707540770667_1479944217_n.jpgWelcome! My name is Brian Episcopo. What’s this site about? I love both traveling and writing, but I dislike the idea of writing about my vacation or about how pretty a particular church is or where to go for lunch because I feel like a) nobody cares and b) that information is pretty much ubiquitous on the internet. So, the idea behind this blog is to find unique or interesting phenomena or trends occurring in places I have visited or lived, to research the hell out of them, and then to write about what I discover. I  hope that this allows me to combine my passion for travel, writing, and information AND produce articles that people might actually want to read. Let me know how I’m doing.

When I am not wandering around the world, I am living in Austin, Texas, teaching high school, building things, and avoiding poison ivy.